Two Elephants Are Killed – level 3

Two Elephants Are Killed – level 3

21-09-2016 07:00

After passing through a tea plantation in Darjeeling, India, two elephants struck a high-voltage wire which electrocuted and killed them. Crowds gathered around the corpses of the large mammals who lay on the ground side by side. Many locals adorned the dead elephants’ bodies with flowers as a mark of respect. People will conduct a post-mortem examination to confirm the exact cause of death.

Local media reported that the elephants were part of a herd of 30 passing through the plantation. Increased human population and inhabitation of land in India caused the depletion of the elephant’s natural habitat, which often forces wildlife to stray into agricultural areas. Locals paid their final respects mourning the loss of two of the revered animals.

Difficult words: electrocute (kill by an electric shock), gather (meet in large numbers), adorn (make more beautiful), post-mortem (after death), inhabitation (the act of inhabiting a place – living there), depletion (a reduction), stray (move without knowing where you are going), revere (feel deep respect for).

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