Two fishermen have a problem - level 3

Two fishermen have a problem - level 3

02-01-2014 06:00

Two fishermen have been rescued after surviving a whole night stranded in waters off the coast of New South Wales.

The two men made a Mayday call and were forced to abandon their ship as it began to sink. They held onto a large cooler for 15 hours before being winched to safety by a helicopter rescue team.

One of the rescuers, Jethro Lumb, said the men were exhausted but very happy to see the heroes.

“We’re pretty exhausted. Didn’t get too much of a hand sort of getting them into their seats, things like that, which is to be expected after being out all night, but very happy to see us and happy to be back on land.”

The search for the missing fisherman that involved emergency services, the RAAF and locals eventually ended when the upturned 18-foot cabin cruiser was spotted 13 kilometres from the coast.

Both men were taken to a local hospital for medical treatment.

Difficult words: stranded (stuck), Mayday (emergency distress), abandon (leave), cooler (container for keeping food cool), winch (lift up), exhausted (extremely tired), RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force), cabin cruiser (large motor boat).

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