Two members of parliament fight - level 3

Two members of parliament fight - level 3

16-02-2015 07:00

Two members of the Ukrainian Parliament got into this fist fight outside the parliament chambers in Kiev on Thursday, leaving one with a bloody nose.

The Self-Reliance Party deputy Yegor Sobolev and the Fatherland Party deputy Vadim Ivchenko had to be pulled apart by guards, as they continued to throw punches at each other.

It's reported that the fight which was captured by Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty cameras was over a corruption bill.

The parliamentary committee has now recommended to suspend both deputies from participating in parliament sessions for five days.

Difficult words: chamber (a large room for formal events), self-reliance (to manage things by yourself), party (a political organisation), deputy (a member of parliament), throw punches (to hit with your fists), committee (a group of people who were chosen to do a job), suspend (to stop).


What do you think of these two?

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