Two men and an escalator - level 3

Two men and an escalator - level 3

08-10-2015 15:00

We've all been there – walking down an escalator and then someone at the top shouts, “Free burgers!” What else is there to do but attempt to run up the escalator the wrong way?

Well, that's exactly what these guys did at a Polish shopping centre when it announced the mall was giving away the free food… and the result? Hilarity.

Come on guys, you can do it! Ouch, that's got to hurt!

The elderly Polish men finally made it to the top and received cheers from the large crowd that gathered below to watch the attempt. We just hope those burgers were worth it!

Difficult words: attempt (to try), announce (to officially say something to people), hilarity (a situation when something is extremely funny), gather (to come together).


Do you find this funny?

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