Two men fall down - level 3

Two men fall down - level 3

20-02-2014 15:00

Well, you’ve got to have some guts to do that!

Yeah, these daredevils in Spain have attempted to walk between two hot air balloons 10,000 feet up in the air.

The extreme athletes tried to walk across a slackline, which is a tight cord of nylon that’s tied to the two balloons, but they didn’t make it.

But fear not! The athletes, who are both experienced acrobats, reached the ground safely after activating their parachutes.

Filmmaker Sebastian Montaz-Rosse filmed the attempt and posted it online, a video which has already gone viral.

The daredevils are part of a group of extreme athletes, called Skyliners, who get together to make films of themselves slacklining in dangerous situations.

The Skyliners have said they are planning for another sky-high attempt once they hear of another spell of calm weather.

Difficult words: guts (courage), daredevil (person who likes doing dangerous things), cord (straight line), viral (very popular), spell (period).

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