Two men fight on a road – level 3

Two men fight on a road – level 3

09-04-2013 06:00

Amateur footage captures a particularly savage case of road rage with two men wrestling at traffic lights on Australia's Gold Coast.

Eyewitnesses said the pair had first clashed a few hundred metres earlier with the altercation flaring up again at the crossing where one of the men used his skateboard as a weapon.

"When I saw the guy grab up his skateboard and about to fling it...I mean I heard the thump from inside my car."

The men who were then caught on camera wrestling with blood on their hands and faces eventually left the scene with police having not yet received a formal complaint about the incident.

Interesting words: savage (violent), rage (anger), altercation (short noisy argument), flare up (become stronger quickly), fling (throw), thump (heavy sound).

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