Two men help a woman - level 3

Two men help a woman - level 3

24-06-2014 15:00

Two migrant workers in north China are being hailed as heroes, after they came to the rescue of this woman who was hanging from the window of a four-storey building.

The elderly woman in her 80s could be seen on Tuesday hanging from the building, after she'd slipped out of her window on the fourth floor.

Fortunately, her leg was caught on the air conditioner also hanging outside the window.

She was left crying for help whilst hanging upside down in the air.

Two workers who were painting the building heard her screams for help and immediately ran to the woman's rescue.

They climbed up the building and held her until emergency services arrived.

Firefighters and paramedics turned up and helped bring the elderly woman down.

Luckily she didn't suffer any major injures, but was left in a state of shock.

Difficult words: storey (floor), hail (to call somebody), cry (say something very loudly), immediate (right away).


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