Two men on a whale shark - level 2

Two men on a whale shark - level 2

25-06-2015 15:00

A video shot in Venezuela appeared on social media. It shows two men who stand on a whale shark, and a speedboat pulls them.

A conservationist group reacted angrily to the footage. It said that the stupid and arrogant men harassed the animal, and that they should be brought to justice.

The whale shark is the largest living fish in the world. They are not dangerous to humans – they only eat small fish and other small organisms.

Difficult words: conservationist group (a group of people who want to conserve/protect nature), harass (to do something bad to somebody or something), to bring somebody to justice (to arrest somebody and bring him or her to court).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

Would you punish the men? How?

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