Two men on a whale shark - level 3

Two men on a whale shark - level 3

25-06-2015 15:00

A British wildlife group has called for two men who were filmed surfing on the back of a whale shark to be prosecuted. This footage, which originally surfaced on social media and is thought to have been shot in Venezuela, shows the men standing on the whale shark while being towed by a speedboat. Conservationist group Marine Connection reacted angrily to the footage and called for both men to be charged.

On their Facebook page, they said wildlife harassment is never a laughing matter and said the whale shark is a protected and vulnerable species.

Measuring up to 40 feet in length (12 metres), the whale shark is the largest living fish in the world. They pose no threat to humans, feeding mainly on plankton and small fish.

This footage has already been viewed a quarter of a million times on Facebook. Marine Connection says it wants these men brought to justice for what they called their stupidity and arrogance.

Difficult words: prosecute (to charge somebody with a crime and try to show that he or she is guilty in court), footage (video), tow (to pull), vulnerable (in danger), species (animal kind), plankton (a very small shrimp), arrogance (when you are rude because you think that you are important).


Would you punish the men? How?

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