Two micro animals - level 3

Two micro animals - level 3

28-07-2015 15:00

Are these the cutest pals on the planet? After being born looking a little bit different to other pigs and ponies, here are two little animals with a big, big dream – to find some friends.

Meet Microdave, an American miniature horse who was born at a tiny 14 inches tall (36 centimetres).

“He’s my first miniature foal, so I had no idea how small he was actually going to be, but he really was minute when he came out.”

He's grown another five inches (13 centimetres) since, but his stature still pales in comparison to the other horses around the stables. Until now lonely Microdave has had to try and make friends with the farm’s dog in order to fit in.

“I think he has short complex syndrome. I think he thinks he's as big as the big guy over there.”

And this is Bean, a micro pig who at just over a year old is even smaller than a regular micro pig.

“Bean is actually a dwarf micro pig. Bean’s not likely to grow anymore at all.”

His owner Mark has been looking after pigs for eight years and Bean is the smallest he's ever had.

“I think maybe for the two them then it's probably quite good to realise they’re not the only one. It’s probably quite comforting, whether you’re a pig or a horse.”

In order for these two to finally find a kindred spirit, Mark took Bean on a journey nearly 100 miles (161 kilometres) to meet the miniature foal Microdave.

“Got to realise how tiny they both actually are…”

And in that moment they knew they weren't alone.

Difficult words: pal (friend), tiny (very small), foal (a baby horse), minute (extremely small), stature (height of the body), pale (to seem small), short complex syndrome (to think you are much bigger or taller than you actually are because you feel bad about how small you are), dwarf (small), kindred spirit (somebody like you).


Do you like micro animals?

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