Two shark attacks - level 3

Two shark attacks - level 3

14-10-2013 06:00

Being attacked by a shark is fairly rare. Being bitten twice is very rare, which will come as little comfort to Australian shellfish diver Greg Pickering, recovering in hospital after an encounter with a great white off remote Cape Arid on the south coast of Western Australia, flown to Perth for emergency surgery with injuries to his head, back and shoulder.

This was Greg after the first attack in 2004. “When the shark grabbed me it just sort of struck bone. I felt the teeth go right into the bone.” Little thinking it would happen again: “One incident has happened in 34 years as I say that is very small odds.”

Western Australia’s Department of Fisheries said a catch and kill order had been issued for the shark. Its director general is Stuart Smith.

“If a sizeable white shark is caught in the waters over the coming hours from the evidence I have available to me, at the moment, I am likely to give the order to destroy that shark.”

Greg’s condition is described as a serious but stable.

Difficult words: fairly (quite), shellfish diver (man who catches animals which live in water and have a shell), surgery (operation), grab (get), odds (chance of something happening), sizeable (large).

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