Two ships were hit by another ship – level 3

Two ships were hit by another ship – level 3

27-02-2013 14:00

Anti-whaling activists say this video shows the Japanese whaling vessel the Nisshin Maru ramming two of their ships. They want the Australian government to dispatch a naval vessel to help them.

The activists organized by Sea Shepherd have spent two days trying to stop the Nisshin from reaching the whaling fleet's fuel tanker.

Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson claim the SSS Bob Barker and the SSS Steve Irwin have been hit but both are holding their ground.

Japan is allowed by law to catch a 1,000 whales per year for "scientific research". Every year Sea Shepherd activists try to stop the whalers from reaching this quota. This is the first clash of this hunting season but that will undoubtedly be many more.

Interesting words: vessel (ship), ram (drive into something very hard), dispatch (send), fleet (group of ships), SSS (Sea Shepherd ship), hold your ground (refuse to move backwards).

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