Ugly building is a luxury hotel - level 3

Ugly building is a luxury hotel - level 3

19-04-2013 06:00

The world's official second ugliest building has been given a makeover. An old communist TV tower in Prague is now home to a luxury one-room hotel with dramatic views.

Not only can guests enjoy the five-star apartment seventy metres above ground but they can also check out the bizarre baby sculptures which crawl up the tower, thanks to Czech artist David Cerny.

The 1000 euro-a-night stay includes a butler and limousine service and if you can't afford to sleep over, visitors can enjoy views from the observation deck. The hotel opened in February.

Interesting words: give a makeover (make more attractive by painting the walls and putting in new furniture), butler (male servant), bizarre (strange), crawl (move on your knees).

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