Ukrainian politician in a bin - level 3

Ukrainian politician in a bin - level 3

22-09-2014 15:00

An angry mob has thrown a Ukrainian MP into a skip outside the country's parliament in Kiev.

The group of men was filmed shoving and pushing Vitaly Zhuravsky before grabbing him and throwing him head-first into the bin filled with rubbish.

They held him down, poured water on him and threw his briefcase and tyres on him, hitting him in the face.

The reason behind the attack remains unclear, but Zhuravsky became unpopular in January when he'd authorized a bill severely tightening restrictions on anti-government protesters.

He was also behind a controversial bill criminalising libel, which was withdrawn amid widespread opposition.

Difficult words: mob (violent crowd of people), skip (big rubbish bin), shove (to push somebody roughly), grab (to take suddenly and roughly), severely (a lot), libel (to make negative statements about somone), withdraw (cancel).


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