Ukrainian protests continue - level 3

Ukrainian protests continue - level 3

27-01-2014 14:00

Clashes continue in the Ukraine for a second day with protesters building a catapult to hurl objects at riot police.

Thousands gathered on European Square in Kiev with some throwing Molotov cocktails, officers occasionally responding by firing rubber bullets.

“I had the idea to throw bottles of water at riot police so this will sort of be the people’s water cannon.”

“This catapult scares them. They’re trying to scare us with stun grenades and we will scare them in this way because we do not have any other options.”

The violence is taking place after large crowds of pro-EU demonstrators rallied in Ukraine’s capital against new laws restricting public protests. Despite opposition calls for only peaceful action, masked youths have detached themselves from the original movement. Around 60 police officers and 100 civilians have been injured in the clashes.

Difficult words: clash (short fight), hurl (throw), riot police (police which stops riots/violent protests), stun grenade (grenade which stuns/shocks people with its sound and flash), rally (come together).

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