Underwater scorpion - level 2

Underwater scorpion - level 2

07-09-2015 15:00

American geologists found 150 pieces of fossils about 18 metres under the Upper Iowa River. The fossils belong to a predator which lived 0.5 billion years ago.

It was a giant underwater scorpion. It grew up to 170 centimetres in length. However, half of this animal’s length was its tail. It used it for balance. The tail was spiked, but it did not sting like the tail of a modern scorpion.

The animal, which is called Pentecopterus, also had 12 arms at the front.

Difficult words: fossil (when an animal dies a long time ago and turns into a rock), spiked (with spikes – sharp parts), sting (to attack and make a small hole in your skin).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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