Underwater scorpion - level 3

Underwater scorpion - level 3

07-09-2015 15:00

The story of the first big predatory monster has emerged. Scientists have discovered that a giant underwater scorpion reigned the ocean almost half a billion years ago. Geologists at the Iowa Geological Survey found 150 pieces of fossils about 18 metres under the Upper Iowa River.

The creatures predate dinosaurs, and grew up to 170 centimetres in length. They had 12 claw arms sprouting from their heads as well as a spiked tail.

The creature is called Pentecopterus and is part of the Eurypterid family of sea scorpions. Unlike modern land scorpions, its tail didn't sting. Though half this creature's length was tail, it was used more for balance.

There are more than 250 individual species of Eurypterid, but the vast majority of the discovered specimens are of the Eurypterus species.

Difficult words: reign (to be dominant), creature (animal), predate (to live before), claw (made of a claw – a material similar to nail), sprout (to grow), spiked (with spikes – sharp parts), species (a type of animal), specimen (an individual used as an example of its species).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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