Upside down house in Taiwan - level 3

Upside down house in Taiwan - level 3

02-03-2016 15:00

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, the key to defying gravity hasn't been found. This is, perhaps equally unusually, an upside down house!

The three-storey house in Taiwan has been furnished with real-size tables, chairs and crockery. It even, rather bizarrely, has a car stuck to its ceiling. Hundreds of visitors have come to visit the American country-style home, the ideal photo op setting.

This visitor explained that being in the upside down house feels like being in a movie like “The Exorcist” or “Spider Man”.

The house is 334 square metres and includes a living room, a bathroom and a garage and took around two months and a hair-raising $600,000 USD to make.

This exhibition certainly seems to be turning things on its head.

Difficult words: deceive (to trick), defy (to rebel against), storey (a floor), crockery (plates, dishes, cups and other things like that), bizarrely (strangely), photo op (a photo opportunity), hair-raising (surprising or scary), on its head (upside down or very strangely).


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