Upside down house - level 3

Upside down house - level 3

09-05-2014 07:00

Ever wondered what it would be like to dance on the ceiling? Well, now you can, as a fully upside down house has been built in Shanghai.

The upside down house features a bathroom, bedrooms, a kitchen and living area where everything has been, well, turned upside down including the furniture and even the cutlery.

Stunned visitors at the house in China’s Shanghai suburbs posed for photos and said it was a dizzying experience. This tourist said the bathroom was the most interesting room, as she kept feeling like water might be falling out of the loo.

The house, which was created by Polish designers, took five months to construct and was opened to the public last week.

Difficult words: stunned (surprised or shocked), suburb (area where people live and which is away from the city centre), dizzying (making you lose balance), loo (toilet).


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