Usain Bolt at the Olympics – level 3

Usain Bolt at the Olympics – level 3

24-08-2016 15:00

Kingston celebrates a Jamaican hero as Usain Bolt strikes again in Rio. The sprinter last night won gold in the 4 by 100-metre relay to complete the triple treble, winning Olympic gold in three events at three consecutive games. And back home, they couldn't be prouder.

“What this man has done tonight not only proved to me that this man is a legend, this man is one of the greatest men to ever walk on Jamaica land!”

“Wow! Fabulous! I mean, we didn’t expect less… Look at him, so fabulous! I don’t have words to explain… Fabulous!”

“We have champions all around… Sports and musical souls, we are all over the place!”

In Rio, too, Jamaicans celebrated Bolt’s enormous achievement, expect a feat he will never pull off again. Bolt’s expected to retire after the world championships next year, but he certainly knows how to go out with a bang.

Difficult words: relay (a race when runners in a team take turns), treble (three sporting victories in the same season), consecutive (happening after one another), fabulous (amazing, great), expect (if you expect something, you think that it is going to happen), enormous (great), feat (an achievement that requires great skill), pull off (succeed in achieving), with a bang (successfully or impressively – making you say “wow”).


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