Utopia in London – level 3

Utopia in London – level 3

13-09-2016 07:00

People can now see thirty-seven different countries’ interpretation of utopia in London as part of London's Design Biennale.

Turkey’s vision includes a wish machine. Lebanon’s vision, on the other hand, is more realistic – it recreates the thriving street life of Beirut down to the smallest detail. Many of the installations carry with apolitical point.

Australia's entry focuses on the negative effect of pollution on the environment conveyed through its mosaic table of plastic in the sea.

The New York Times called London the new world capital for design in 2012, and the event’s director wants to hold on to that title. He thinks that with the Biennale and its 37 countries, everyone is showing that London is an international creative hub, which is open to business from the whole world.

Difficult words: thriving (prosperous and growing), apolitical (not involved in politics), entry (a part of a competition), convey (communicate), hub (a centre).

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