Very fast parking - level 3

Very fast parking - level 3

06-12-2013 06:00

It’s tricky trying to get around small car parks. But when it goes wrong, it’s not pretty to watch. Especially if your vehicle’s involved. So, should we spare a thought for this driver?

Co-ordination deserting the driver while maneuvering around this railway station car park in Olton, West Midlands. At first, the Ford Fiesta reverses slowly out a space, but then the unintended acceleration.

We can only imagine a foot slip was to blame. But whereas many others, we hope, would leave a note on the relevant windscreens saying: “Sorry,” and “Give me a call about the damage!” He or she drove off.

The CCTV cameras failed to capture any part of the car’s registration plate so British Transport Police are at a loss to who was the driver. Maybe seeing this will remind him or her of the moment they are probably trying to forget.

Difficult words: spare a thought for somebody (to think about someone who is in a bad situation), desert (leave), reverse (go back), unintended (not planned or meant), acceleration (increase in speed), at a loss (they don’t know who the driver is).

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