Very heavy man has a problem - level 3

Very heavy man has a problem - level 3

29-04-2014 07:00

A 300 kilogram (47 stone/661 pound) man shocked doctors when he was rushed to hospital in China. Sun Liang, who is just 22-years-old, became ill last week and couldn't move himself in his own home.

When an ambulance arrived at his house, paramedics were unable to move him onto a stretcher, so a dozen security men were sent to help shift him. Sun's doctor said he was unconscious and hardly breathing.

The 22-year-old was over six kilograms and a half when he was born, and his appetite increased gradually as he grew up. Sun's uncle said that his appetite is so big that he can eat triple the amount a normal person can. When he was sent to hospital, he had acute kidney failure and was in a critical condition. Sun’s doctors said he can live a long life if he can reduce his weight by more than half.

Difficult words: rush (quickly move), stretcher (bed for carrying someone injured), dozen (twelve), shift (move), unconscious (not able to see, move and feel in the normal way), appetite (to want food), acute (very strong), kidney (one of the two organs in your lower back which cleans blood).


Do you know any really big people?

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