Very old coins - level 3

Very old coins - level 3

16-07-2014 07:00

A treasure trove of Roman and Late Iron Age coins have been discovered in a cave, where they've been undisturbed for more than 2,000 years.

A member of the public found four of the ancient coins in a cavern in Dovedale in the Peak District, sparking a full-scale excavation of the site.

Experts and archaeologists discovered twenty six coins in total, including three Roman coins and 20 other gold and silver Late Iron Age coins.

They say it's a very unusual find, as this is the first time coins from two separate civilisations have been buried together.

“Here is the site where about a year ago, a climber, when he was sheltering from the rain, made the discovery of three Iron Age coins and a Roman Republican coin. To find Iron Age coins, it's just so special. They're incredibly beautiful. I think it's the most exciting site I've ever worked on in my lifetime in archaeology so far.”

The coins have been cleaned by conservation specialists and will go on display at Buxton Museum later this year.

Difficult words: treasure trove (collection of rare and expensive things), undisturbed (not changed), cavern (cave), spark (start), excavation (digging), shelter (keep out of the weather).


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