Video shows changes in temperature – level 3, A12

Video shows changes in temperature – level 3, A12

20-09-2012 22:00

It could, perhaps should serve as a warning. It’s a video made by Nasa showing how the Earth’s temperature has risen since records began in 1880.

And the evidence is clear. The video shows just how greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from things like energy, industry and cars has increased over the years.

Temperatures do fluctuate over the decades, but generally, this graphic proves the Earth is getting warmer.

2011 for example was one of the ten warmest years in history.


Interesting words: warning (information about something dangerous), fluctuate (go up and down), decade (10 years), graphic (graphic video).


 This text is for Level 3. Please click here for Level 1 and Level 2.

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