Violin from the Titanic - level 3

Violin from the Titanic - level 3

30-10-2013 14:00

“Right? Any more bids coming back in at £900,000? Nine hundred for the first time… for the second time… at £900,000, we’re going!”

“It’s not about the cash. It’s about what it is. It’s the most iconic there is. It’s history. It’s a brave man. The money is secondary. It is a very valuable item, there is no doubt about that. Wallace Hartley was very, very brave young man as were a lot of men and woman when Titanic sank.

The violin epitomises everything about that young man. He was a competent swimmer. He did his job, and when he was finished doing his job, he knew there was no place in the lifeboat. He put his life jacket on, put this in his bag, tied this to himself, got in the water, I think with every intention of surviving.”

Difficult words: bid (offer to pay), valuable (worn a lot of money), doubt (feeling of not being sure), sink (go under water), epitomise (be a typical example of something), competent (skilled), intention (plan).

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