Vitali Klitschko in Kharkiv - level 3

Vitali Klitschko in Kharkiv - level 3

17-03-2014 15:00

Delivering a speech in Kharkiv, Ukrainian presidential candidate Vitali Klitschko is pelted with eggs. Using his ducking skills born through boxing to evade the smelly missiles, he points out where they’re coming from.

They’re from pro-Russian protesters at the rally in a minority, as it was filled with many Ukrainian flags and “no war” banners. Klitschko continued, but with an aerial defence, and said that Ukraine must not be split apart amid all the bloodshed. However, a decision on that is within days, at least by voters in the disputed Crimea region.

A referendum is being held on March 16th – billed as a chance for people to decide their future fairly and freely. One of the questions asked: Should the 1992 Constitution be restored, but would still allow Crimea to become independent and determine its own path? There is no room on the ballot paper for voting “no” to control by Russia or the status quo within Ukraine. Many say return to Russian control is just a matter of time, although diplomatic efforts behind the scenes are ongoing to try to prevent that.

Difficult words: pelt (to attack somebody by throwing things), duck (to get down), evade (escape something), bloodshed (killing of people), disputed (argued), ballot paper (paper on which you record your vote).

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