Washington, DC - level 2

Washington, DC - level 2

01-09-2011 17:00

Washington, DC got its name after two important men in American history. Washington is the name after the first US president. DC is District of Columbia, which got its name after Christopher Columbus.

Washington, DC started to be the capital of the USA in 1800. Its area has around 110 square km and its population is 500 000 people. Seventy percent of people living there are African-Americans. The city has many state buildings, for example the FBI and Pentagon. The biggest industry in the city is tourism. Around twenty million people come to visit the city every year. But this city also has the highest criminality.

Washington, DC offers many galleries and museums. Washington, DC has many memorials, for example the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. It also has the Vietnam Veterans Memorial from 1982. There are 58,000 names of men who died from 1959 to 1975 in Vietnam.

The White House is very well-known building. But not many people know the white stone in this building is found only on the Croatian island of Brač.

The Library of Congress is the biggest library in the world, with its more than 100 million books.

The streets of Washington, DC are usually empty with not much street life. It is a typical administrative city. Who wants to have night life has to go to Georgetown, which offers many small shops and cafés.

This video shows 10 best tourist places in Washington, DC.

Written by Hana

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