Water fights with elephants - level 3

Water fights with elephants - level 3

16-04-2013 06:00

We've seen 'Water for Elephants'. Now it's time for water for residents. Locals and tourists in Ayutthaya were soaked with water shot from elephants' trunks, as celebrations took place marking the first day of the Thai New Year.

Revelers also painted drawings on the animals before getting involved in the water fight.

“These magnificent creatures behind us here, the elephants make Songkran amazing. It’s great fun. This is my third Songkran here now.”

To celebrate the three day festival also known as Songkran, Thais also visit temples and pour water on Buddha statues, a symbol to wash away bad luck while beckoning in a new beginning.

The event comes at an ideal time as April is the hottest month in Thailand. Temperatures could rise to above 40°C. So there's nothing like a water fight with elephants to cool you down.

Interesting words: soaked (very wet), revelers (people who have fun, sing and dance), Thais (people from Thailand), beckon in (call and welcome).

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