Water under Kenya - level 3

Water under Kenya - level 3

23-09-2013 14:00

Underneath this African plain is a secret lake which could potentially solve the people of Kenya's water problems forever.

It's so big that it's able to hold all of the country's current reserves ten times over. Scientists have suspected it's been there for some time but now, using a new system, they found it and they're making it accessible to the local people.

The man who discovered the lake did so by bringing together existing radar, satellite and geological maps.

"We are already going to change economy of this area but we can change economy of progressively of all Kenya. And if we can do it with Kenya, we can do it everywhere. This is really, one of the major discoveries in Africa from the last years."

The enthusiasm is shared by the Kenyan government who're going to use the system to map the rest of the country in search for more hidden lakes. The UN scientific wing is also backing the plan though they're cautious they're calling it a potential game changer, something that will hopefully be rolled out to Ethiopia and Somalia.

This area, the country, the whole continent knows too well the pain of drought so this precious water will change lives.

"We can stop travelling now. We can buy more animals. We can settle here and farm this land. This could be our future."

"I've never seen anything like this. Now I can stop walking all those hours with my animals just looking for water."

The lake underneath it could meet all of Kenya's needs for half a century and with underground streams that should always fill it, it could be the tap that never runs dry.  

Difficult words: plain (large flat area), accessible (available), enthusiasm (interest), back (help), cautious (careful), drought (period when there's not enough water), precious (valuable and important), settle (live), stream (small river).

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