Watermelon explosion - level 3

Watermelon explosion - level 3

05-02-2014 15:00

The Slow Mo Guys already have a bit of an online reputation. But this is their latest sensation, an exploding melon, and it’s already gone viral.

In reality, the Slow Mo Guys are known as Daniel Gruchy and Gavin Free. They used a large firecracker to explode the fruit, as one of them sat close by, only to be covered in its juice and pulp.

Using a high speed camera that films at 25,000 frames per second, the footage shows a bright flash of orange light before the melon bursts into several pieces. The pair have been filming various things in slow motion, from water balloon fights to golf shots, and posting them on YouTube for the past three years.

Difficult words: sensation (something that interests people a lot), viral (very popular), firecracker (loud explosive firework), pulp (soft part of a fruit), burst (explode).

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