Whale with two heads - level 2

Whale with two heads - level 2

15-01-2014 14:00

A pair of conjoined young whales has been found dead in a Mexican lagoon. Scientists said that they had never seen anything like it.

The whales were probably twins who weren’t separated during the embryonic phase. They weighed about half a ton and measured four meters. They were linked at the midsection.

The scientists said that the creature was female. They don’t know whether the twins shared internal organs yet. Samples of the dead body were taken and will be studied more. The body was buried at the beach close to the lagoon where it was found. When there is nothing but bones left, the experts will study the skeleton.

Difficult words: conjoined (attached together), embryonic (relating to an embryo which is a little animal which is still in the mother’s belly), phase (time), midsection (middle of the body), whether (if), sample (small part of something which can tell more about the whole).

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