Whales in Florida - level 3

Whales in Florida - level 3

09-12-2013 14:00

Distressing scenes at the Everglades National Park in Florida, as ten whales became beached on the shore with four of them dying before rangers could return them to the water.

Workers at the remote park near the Gulf of Mexico fought to keep the animals, which are believed to be short-finned pilot whales, wet and stable with around 30 more of the pod also stranded, but in shallow waters.

They’re typically found in deep water in tropical and temperate areas with rangers hoping that once the tide rose high enough, they’d be able to swim back out to sea.

Difficult words: distressing (making you sad or upset), remote (far from town), pod (group of sea animals), stranded (stuck), shallow (not deep), temperate areas (areas with mild weather), tide (the regular rising and falling of the level of the sea).

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