What to do in a terror attack - level 3

What to do in a terror attack - level 3

22-02-2016 15:00

French authorities have published video instructions on how to react in the event of a terror attack similar to those which killed 130 and injured hundreds in November 2015. The simple step-by-step guide gives advice on the dos and don'ts in case of an armed attack and has been circulated on social media websites.

The video instructs that the first reaction should be to escape, help others where possible and warn of the danger. The video goes on to advise on how to protect oneself if trapped in a danger zone by hiding and alerting the police. The guide concludes with practical instructions on how to help victims with first aid emergency techniques.

Proving once again France's resilience to not only counter the terror threat but prepare its civilians to survive any possible situation.

Difficult words: escape (yo run away), trapped (stuck, unable to leave), alert (to warn), conclude (to end), resilience (strength), threat (danger), counter (to fight back).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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