White hedgehogs in Moscow - level 3

White hedgehogs in Moscow - level 3

04-09-2013 06:00

Russian zookeepers have named three newborn very rare albino hedgehogs George, Alexander and Louis after the new Prince of Cambridge.

It's rare for more than one albino hedgehog to be born at a time, maybe two at most, but there were three.

The hedgehogs were born on 22nd of July, the same day as the royal baby. They asked internet users to name the new hedgehogs and they came back and said they wanted them to be named after the newborn prince.

The three hedgehogs live in a Moscow zoo in a special wooden house which the keepers are calling Buckingham palace, complete with velvet curtains and red carpets.

The zoo has already sent an invitation to Prince George to come to Moscow to visit the very rare albino African hedgehogs.

Difficult words: newborn (recently born), velvet (an expensive fabric).

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