White humpback whale - level 3

White humpback whale - level 3

13-08-2015 07:00

A white humpback whale has been spotted off Australia's Gold Coast. Authorities believe that it may have been a white whale called Migaloo, one of three white whales that live in waters in the state of Queensland, but that has not been confirmed.

The white humpback delighted hundreds of whale watchers who paid charter boats to watch it leisurely swim in the waters. Unfazed by its audience, the huge animal came up to the surface, delighting onlookers.

Up to 5,000 humpbacks migrate north up Australia's east coast between April and August each year from feeding grounds in the Antarctic to feed and breed in warm, tropical waters.

Difficult words: spot (to see quickly), delight (please), charter (hired), leisurely (in a relaxed way), unfazed (not worried), huge (very big).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

Have you ever seen a whale?

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