Why do we need a seat belt? - level 3

Why do we need a seat belt? - level 3

03-11-2011 17:00

First, it is good to know what will happen when you are in a car crash.

Imagine running as fast as you can into a wall. This is exactly the situation when the front of your car hits something at only 25 kilometres an hour. The car stops immediately and your body keeps on at the same speed until something stops it, usually the front window of your car. This will happen if you're not wearing your seat belt. You will be hurt but it won’t kill you.

If you go 50 kilometres an hour, you hit the window not twice but four times harder than if you go 25. It is the same as if you fall down from the third floor.

A properly used seat belt will protect you from hitting the window.

We are playing for you an advertisement about a seat belt.

Written by Danny

Interesting words: until, properly.

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