Woman drives into a shop - level 3

Woman drives into a shop - level 3

15-07-2013 14:00

Door opens. Customer enters. Door closes. Customer enters. Through the window. In her car.

A supermarket in Melbourne, in Australia unexpectedly opens a drive-in counter, unexpected for both the shop and the driver--around twenty customers and staff inside at the time.

"I was at the back when I heard the big bang. Boom, like a bomb!"

An eyewitness said the elderly woman had become somewhat flustered in the car park.

"As she reversed a black car came up behind it which she hit and obviously panicked and threw her car into drive and floored the accelerator and then just went straight through the front window."

The woman who was a regular had to be comforted by her family after the crash. Her brother-in-law tried to make sense of it and failed.

"We’ve been coming here for the last forty years, never ever something happened."

Paramedics were called to the scene but luckily no one needed to be taken to a hospital.

Interesting words: unexpectedly (without warning), counter (place to set things down), flustered (confused), reverse (go backwards), accelerator (the car goes faster when step on it), regular (normal person), comfort (calm down), make sense (understand), paramedic (person who helps but is not a doctor or a nurse).

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