Woman from Pakistan survives - level 3

Woman from Pakistan survives - level 3

09-06-2014 07:00

Shot twice and thrown in a canal by her own family for marrying the man she loved. Eighteen-year-old Saba Maqsood was attacked and shot by her father, uncle, brother and aunt, then tossed into a waterway in Pakistan, but somehow managed to survive.

Left wounded in her cheek and her right hand, Saba is said to have married her neighbour five days ago for love, against the wishes of her family.

They took her to a nearby district under false pretences, hinting at a reconciliation, but shot her twice and threw her into the canal after putting her in a sack, presuming she was dead.

“After bringing me there, they shot me. I was hit in the cheek by the first shot, and in the hand by the next one. They thought I’d died, but I was not dead. I was slightly conscious, but alive. They put me into a sack, tied up the mouth of the sack, and threw it into the canal. They thought I was dead, but I was not.”

Her relatives then fled the scene and after minutes in the water, Saba regained consciousness and struggled to the bank where passers-by helped her.

This comes just a week and a half after the broad daylight “honour killing” of Farzana Iqbal who was stoned to death by her family. According to Pakistani rights group the Aurat Foundation around 1,000 Pakistani women are killed every year by their families in honour killings. Campaigners say few cases come to court, and those that do can take years to be heard. Those that do result in a conviction may end with the killers walking free, as Pakistani law allows a victim’s family to forgive their killer.

Difficult words: toss (throw), under false pretences (they were lying), hint (suggest), reconciliation (becoming friends again), conscious (awake), flee (leave), conviction (punishment).

Source: www.itn.co.uk

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