Woman in a wheelchair steals - level 3

Woman in a wheelchair steals - level 3

06-02-2015 07:00

This is the moment a woman in a wheelchair is seen to ease herself out of the chair and stand upright in a suspected shoplifting in Coventry.

Police are appealing for help in tracking down the couple seen in the CCTV footage on January 11th.

The women can be seen being pushed around the Marks & Spencer food section of a petrol station in a wheelchair by a male accomplice.

But when she apparently thinks nobody is looking, she stands up and has a careful look at what's on offer.

The woman can then be seen putting the items under her coat while her companion loads other goods into her rucksack.

The pair managed to get away with meat products worth about 60 pounds. Police have asked anyone who recognises them to get in touch.

Difficult words: ease (to move carefully), suspected (possible), shoplifting (stealing from a shop), appeal (to request), track down (to find), CCTV footage (security camera video), accomplice (a person who helps a criminal to do something wrong), apparently (according to how something appears), on offer (for sale), companion (partner), goods (products), rucksack (backpack), get in touch (to contact somebody).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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