Woman is free after 10 years - level 3

Woman is free after 10 years - level 3

28-05-2014 07:00

A woman who was kidnapped 10 years ago and forced to marry her captor has been found in California.

The woman, who has not been named, was just 15 when she disappeared and was reported missing in August 2004 near southeast Los Angeles.

She contacted police on Tuesday and told detectives she was taken from her home by her then boyfriend Isidro Garcia who drugged her and locked her in a garage. Over the last decade, she was forced to marry him and have their child.

“My understanding is there were continued and repeated sexual assaults. On two occasions, she tried to escape. He caught her. He beat her for her efforts.”

Police have since arrested 41-year-old Garcia on suspicion of kidnapping, rape, child abuse and false imprisonment.

Difficult words: captor (somebody who is keeping another person prisoner), assault (attack), rape (to force somebody to have sex), child abuse (hurt a child).

Source: www.itn.co.uk

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