Woman on a clothes hanger - level 3

Woman on a clothes hanger - level 3

06-05-2014 07:00

A drunken woman has been rescued after getting stuck on a clothes hanger outside an apartment in China.

Firefighters rushed to the building and broke into the home, in an attempt to pull her from the inside. The woman can be seen sitting on one of the iron bars of the hanger and supporting herself on the two upper bars.

Luckily, rescuers managed to put a safety belt around the woman just as the iron bar at the bottom suddenly broke off.

Fortunately, a firefighter reached out to catch her before she fell.

The woman in her 20s refused to respond to any questions and why she had climbed out of the windows and ended up in the clothes hanger is still under investigation.

Difficult words: attempt (try), safety belt (a rope to hold someone up from falling).

Source: www.itn.co.uk

Have you ever been drunk in a dangerous situation?

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