Woman saved a dog - level 3

Woman saved a dog - level 3

23-10-2013 14:00

Chip the sheepdog had an unexpected rescue after becoming stuck in the bottom of a crevice in North Wales for almost two days.

A farmer reported his dog was missing while bringing in his sheep from Snowden and one member of the LIanberis Mountain Rescue Team volunteered as the skinniest person to squeeze into the narrow gap, being lowered 25 meters down to save the working collie.

But even he became wedged in the gap before reaching the dog, so it was up to local vet to save the day.

The slender woman wriggled her way in for about half an hour and spent some time down there, risking getting herself stuck before successfully bringing Chip to safety. She managed to attach a pole and clip it to his collar, allowing them to both be hauled out of the darkness.

After being checked over, and fed a few sausages of course, Chip walked off with the rest of the team.

Difficult words: crevice (narrow gap in rock), collie (kind of a dog), wedge (get stuck), slender (slim), wriggle (move a little), haul out (pull out).

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