Woman saves dogs - level 2

Woman saves dogs - level 2

23-07-2015 15:00

A Chinese pensioner, who was a teacher, is now China’s well-known animal rights activist. Over the past twenty years, she has saved thousands of dogs from the slaughterhouses and the streets.

At her home, she takes care of many dogs who eat 200 kilograms of food every day. To feed the dogs, she sold her house and is in debt of 800,000 yuan. She has many supporters, but people from her town do not like her. They say that eating dogs is normal; it is a Chinese tradition.

The old woman and her helpers buy many dogs to save them from being eaten. Some people take advantage of this – they want to sell dogs to her or her helpers to make money.

Difficult words: pensioner (a person who does not work anymore), slaughterhouse (a place where animals are killed to make meat), debt (if you are in debt, you have someone’s money; in time, you must give back the money), take advantage (to use a situation to help yourself get something).

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