Woman under a car - level 3

Woman under a car - level 3

13-12-2013 06:00

Rush hour in Ningbo City, east China, and a bad accident at a major crossing. A woman riding an electric bicycle struck by the car and trapped underneath. The car failing to stop until the front wheels had run over her.

Traffic police were on hand straight away and even though many carried on as normal, some people came together and lifted up the car so the screaming woman could be freed.

In shock and badly injured, she was sent to get emergency treatment. And from her hospital bed, she thanked those who helped.

“More than ten kind-hearted people moved me out of the car bottom and then I just sat there. I really appreciate them for saving me.”

Life carries on, as does the traffic at this junction, but for one person at least, it’ll be a more wary approach.

Difficult words: rush hour (time of the day when a lot of people travel to or from work), run over (knock somebody down and pass over the body), on hand (present), straight away (immediately), junction (place where two or more roads meet), wary (careful).

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