Woman was under a house - level 3

Woman was under a house - level 3

13-05-2013 14:00

A miracle amongst the rubble of the Bangladesh factory building - a woman rescued after spending 17 days trapped underneath concrete and debris in Dhaka.

As she was taken away to a waiting ambulance, a rescue worker applied an oxygen mask to her face. She was then taken to a military hospital for further treatment. There were smiles and disbelief as onlookers made phone calls to tell of the positive news. This is the kind of breaking news that is welcomed and is being repeated on TV channels as such.

Earlier it was confirmed that more than a thousand people have died in the disaster. This discovery will give a boost, if only a little, to the search and rescue operation which officials had admitted was losing hope.

It is not known for certain how this woman survived but soon her full story will emerge. Authorities hope there may be others to follow.

Interesting words: rubble (bricks and concrete), debris (pieces of rubbish), give a boost (encourage), emerge (come).

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