Women in Saudi Arabia - level 2

Women in Saudi Arabia - level 2

29-09-2011 18:00

Women in Saudi Arabia will have the right to vote. They can also be in the parliament in the future. King Adbullah said it on September 25, 2011.

Saudi women started to want more political rights in 2007.  Women in England got the right to vote in 1928. Women in Kuwait got the same right in 2005. The first lady in the parliament in Kuwait was 4 years later in 2009.

Saudi women still don’t have the right to meet in larger groups and they cannot drive a car. Saudi women have to take a taxi or ask another man if they want to travel. But some Arabic men already want to give women the right to drive and it can be a reality soon.

Written by Danny

Important words: right, vote, parliament, reality.

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