Women in the air - level 3

Women in the air - level 3

22-07-2013 06:00

Record-breaking scenes in the skies above Russia, as 101 skydivers leapt from planes to form a flower pattern in mid-air.

Jumping over the town of Kolomna, the all-women Pearls of the Sky team dedicated the stunt to their former captain Irina Sinitsina, who died last year while skydiving in California. Irina had led the team last year to breaking the previous Russian record of an 88-person flower pattern free fall and this time the team left one space open in the centre of the formation to represent their "missing petal".

Meticulous planning went into the stunt with the team practising the formation in groups of forty and sixty before successfully completing the jump with all 101 members.

Interesting words: skydiver (person who jumps from planes), pattern (shape), mid-air (in the air), dedicate (give attention), petal (coloured part of a flower that looks like a leaf).

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