Work and life of Alan Turing - level 2

Work and life of Alan Turing - level 2

26-03-2015 15:00

During World War II, Nazis sent secret encoded messages to each other. They used the encoding Enigma machine to do so. The enemies of the Nazis wanted to break the code.

Alan Turing helped to break the code. He is also the father of computing.

His notebook from 1942 is going on auction in New York in April. It must be full of amazing information!

People made a film about Alan Turing recently. It shows how people treated him during his life – he never received credit for his work and police charged him with homosexuality which was then a crime. He killed himself in 1954.

Difficult words: encode (to turn something into a code – a secret message), receive credit (to be respected by people for doing something good), charge (to say that somebody is guilty of something that is illegal).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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