World Surf League - level 3

World Surf League - level 3

25-01-2016 15:00

Josh Kerr has waved goodbye to fear, boldly riding the ocean to become the champion of the World Surf League's Big Wave Tour Todos Santos Challenge in the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.

The Australian surfer kept his feet firmly planted whilst the sea rolled and thrashed beneath him. Making waves, Kerr surfed his way to a combined score of 24.27, swerving his way past American Greg Long, who finished with a combined score of 18.84.

The second place finish moved Long into the overall lead on the tour, while Kerr moved up to fifth place overall after his Big Wave win. But he'll still have to wave off competition, as there are two more events of the tour which will finish at the end of February.

But for now he is certainly riding the wave of success.

Difficult words: boldly (without fear), peninsula (a thin piece of land surrounded by water on three sides), firmly (securely), plant (to set in a position), thrash (to move violently), make waves (this means two things: to do something exciting and to create waves literally in the ocean), swerve (to move left and right quickly), ride the wave of success (to win a lot of praise or money).


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